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where we celebrate the diversity and history of Jewish art. Our collection spans historical artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, reflecting the rich traditions and innovative spirit of Jewish culture. MOJA is not just a space for appreciation but also engagement, with select artworks available for purchase. These sales support our mission, allowing us to continue sharing Jewish artistic heritage with the world. Join us for an inspiring journey through the vibrant legacy of Jewish art and consider supporting our endeavors by taking a piece of this unique culture into your home.

Personal Relationships

We build personal relationships with up and coming artists to give you first pick of the newest pieces.

20 years of experience

Museum of Jewish Art has over 20 years of experience in Jewish art appraisal and sourcing the most cutting edge Israeli art in the industry.

3,000+ original pieces

We carry 3,000+ original pieces, which means you won’t find another piece like it anywhere in the world.

3,000+ affordable print pieces

You’ll find over 3,000 gorgeous and affordable print pieces that will bring a unique character to any space.


Trust MOJA to accurately appraise your painting or work of art. Our experts will certify your piece based on condition, genre, artist, subject matter, size, provenance, and more. Fast and friendly service!


MOJA is your one-stop-shop for framing. We are inexpensive, super fast, and experts at our craft. In some cases, we can even frame your item while you wait!

Zoom Consultations

Want to speak to an art expert? In the market for an investment piece? Curious about a particular artist? Whatever the question, we are happy to discuss it with you in-person or via Zoom. Reach out and find that you have a friend at Museum of Jewish Art.

Featured Artist




(Born 1941) is an Indian – Israeli artist who was born in Bombay, India and immigrated to Israel as a teenager. He graduated from the Bezalel School of Art and Design in 1965 and continues to call Jerusalem his home. Most of Avram’s oil painting and watercolors portrays Israeli cities, religious festivals, and Bible stories. He paints in creamy sensual tones incorporating symbols such as doves, a menorah, and Shabbat candles. With his penchant for filigreed designs and bright colors, Edward Ben Avram betrays some influences of his Indian boyhood. But the subjects that he paints so gracefully with a touch of Oriental lyricism are scenes of Jerusalem, his home for over 20 years.

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+1 212-742-2228

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